Jibo Crowdfunding Site

Jibo is a social robot created by robotics pioneer Cynthia Breazeal of MIT. After years of research, Ms. Breazeal wanted to mass produce Jibo so that it could help ordinary people in their homes. In order to do that, she came to Monsoon's RainFactory to create a powerful crowdfunding campaign.

Interactive, Visual Design.

Mobile conversions equal to those on desktop and a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign ($2.3M).

We had so much to explain. How Jibo was created, how it worked, how it could help people, and how developers could create with it. 

I worked closely with Monsoon's RainFactory team to design a friendly and inviting responsive site for Jibo’s crowdfunding campaign that would boost conversions on any device. On mobile and tablet, I designed a system in which content condensed into accordion menus that could be opened and closed after the key first few modules. On desktop, consumers could quickly scroll through content without too much clicking around.

The page worked and mobile conversion rates matched those on desktop. We made minor modifications and additions continually which led to conversions over the entire two month campaign.

Jibo ended up raising $2.3M in 2 months before going on to garner another $25M in venture capital funds.

Visit the site: JIBO.com